12 popular questions that health bloggers are asking in 2016

Many health bloggers and publishers have explored the topic of Diatomaceous Earth with recent scientific discoveries of the benefits. We sifted the web to find the 12 most popular questions that bloggers are asking this year. Here’s what we found:

Q. What is Diatomaceous Earth and what is it composed of?
A. Diatomaceous Earth is a type of rock or mineral that comprises of fossilized diatoms or freshwater microscopic organisms that still have their silica based exoskeletons intact. According to the findings of one DE review, silica or silicon dioxide occurs naturally either as crystals or in an amorphous form but the skeletons of the organisms are mostly composed of the latter along with traces of cristobalite [1]. This is present in natural rock formed by volcanic activities and can often be found in the Pacific Northwest. Large deposits are also common in California, Nevada and Oregon